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Tourism in Palenque

Enjoy Palenque with the Hotel Maya Tulipanes Palenque


In Maya Tulipanes Hotel invite you to discover the beauties of Palenque through our Travel Agency Mayatur so your visit to Chiapas be a fabulous experience to remember. Mayatur provide tourist transportation services, specialized tours and packages to suit our customers, all with a 1st level service.

We offer complete services for our customers to enjoy the most of Chiapas.

Places of interest
Archaeological zone of Palenque 8 Km.
Misol-há waterfall 20 Km.
Agua Azul waterfalls 64 Km.
Archaeological zone of Bonampak 131 Km.
Archaeological zone of Tonina 127 Km.
Archaeological zone of Yaxchilán 204 Km.
Weli-há waterfall 31 Km.
Lagoon of Catazajá 28 Km.

Palenque is a place of outstanding beauty located in the north part of the state of Chiapas. It is part of what once was the central portion of the Mayan area, a zone that went through notorious cultural development due to the settlement of this legendary civilization. This place has a peculiar architectural and aesthetics importance, which make that this exceptional city established in the middle of the jungle, become one of the greatest creations of ancient civilizations. This city, owner of a priceless number of architectural sites, will take you back to the past in locations like temples like De Las Inscripciones and El Palacio; this last one, impressive place in which ancient murals makes very clear the fact that prior to any contact with the western world, this Middle America natives created great civilizations that were politically and socially organized, supported by strong religious, humanistic, artistic and scientific values.

Travel to Palenque and visit:

Agua Azul waterfalls

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It is an impressive series of the most beautiful waterfalls formed on having got down the Rio Tulija of a staggered way, creating a series of reservoirs or natural ponds that are contained by calcareous dikes. The intense blue color turquoise that they possess, which partly has made them famous, is owed to a great extent to the limy bed of the river.

Misol-Ha waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is approximately 30 mts. of height, which on having fallen down it forms a wide puddle in which you can, with precaution, practice the swimming.

Archaeological zone of Palenque

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Today, the place offers to the visitor one excellently sample of the successful architecture and Mayan sculpture that they demonstrate in buildings such as the famous Temple of the Inscriptions, which was the last mansion of the powerful king Pakal.

Archaeological zone of Bonampak

It is one of the most impressive, complex and beautiful places that could be located in North America. Bonampak's discovery, one of the big histories of the archaeological exploration in Chiapas, allowed knowing one of the major testimonies of the Mayan culture and the extraordinary conception of color and line of his painters. Among many other destinations that our Travel Agency Mayatur offers you to live a truly unforgettable experience in Palenque, Chiapas.